A footy tragic’s love of MS Paint

As I morphed from teenager to ‘man’ during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s I had one core belief…

“If it can’t be done on Microsoft Paint then it’s not worth doing.”

Being a big believer that limitations are key to creativity, in particular with music and the recording of it, MS Paint presented exactly that…limitations. I used it to create family Christmas cards, cassette covers for bands I was in (yes that’s right, cassettes!) and of course, footy logos.

Now this below work took a long time, a steady hand and quite an extensive reliance upon the zoom function. While Essendon’s rather simple style presented little problems, the Richmond logo was far more difficult, which can be seen by the fact that I merely put RFC at the top upon completion of the Tiger. I belive it was about 2001, and the phasing out of the classic logo shield shape was underway, with just a few clubs hanging onto that classic design.

The choice of background colour was I believe influenced by the seats in the Southern Stand behind the Punt Road end goals with the same or similar colours. It was, of course, also a prominent colour at the time. That’s still no excuse though.


Only a few of these designs remain, and in another 10 years the current logos will most likely face the same predicament. Whilst this was not the height of logo brilliance (1980’s in my opinion!) it’s still a nice little time capsule.

Happy footballin’ to ya!


Shake Your Booty #5 Pies Song

Though I feel as though I am posting this entire series of old club songs entirely for my brothers amusement….the show must go on. Collingwood’s song is next alphabetically, and my brother is taking the lead vocals on this one. It’s rough and ready but you can sense the passion behind this project.

For those who are new to these recordings, I recently salvaged them from an old cassette tape I found. They were recorded with great haste on an old cassette 4-track machine in the late 90’s. Apologies for the poor quality.

Accompanying these themesongs are my brother’s MS-paint drawings from the late 90’s also, featuring each club’s ‘average supporter.’ Don’t be offended, he has ripped into his own club too.

Thanks to Peter Carr…. younger brother extraordinaire. You can find him on twitter as @carr_pete