Shake Your Booty #5 Pies Song

Though I feel as though I am posting this entire series of old club songs entirely for my brothers amusement….the show must go on. Collingwood’s song is next alphabetically, and my brother is taking the lead vocals on this one. It’s rough and ready but you can sense the passion behind this project.

For those who are new to these recordings, I recently salvaged them from an old cassette tape I found. They were recorded with great haste on an old cassette 4-track machine in the late 90’s. Apologies for the poor quality.

Accompanying these themesongs are my brother’s MS-paint drawings from the late 90’s also, featuring each club’s ‘average supporter.’ Don’t be offended, he has ripped into his own club too.

Thanks to Peter Carr…. younger brother extraordinaire. You can find him on twitter as @carr_pete


Shake your Booty #3 Fitzroy Bears song

We now come alphabetically in our ‘mock-punk’ style footy theme songs to Brisbane, but as brother Pete and I were still upset at the Brisbane-Fitzroy “merger”, very fresh in 1997, we opted for Fitzroy’s song instead. I unfortunately took lead vocals on this one…I’m not sure the French would approve!!! And remember, the ‘theme-songs’ session took place in our bedroom using cassette 4-track and took no longer than an hour. The quality is questionable, but that was kind of the idea!

Here is Pete’s ‘typical’ Brisbane supporter from around the same period of the late 1990’s, done in MSPaint. You can imagine this fellow either on the hill at the Gabba or in the old Lions social club. He obviously has no affiliation with Fitzroy, and clearly has sunk many a XXXX! Go Bears!