A Town painted Red, White & Blue

Living in Footscray, it’s hard to ignore the fact that as a Richmond supporter, I am in ‘enemy territory.’ (I’m actually quite partial to Footscray!) Unlike a lot of clubs, there is still a strong link between the suburb and the footy club. When I came across the below fire hydrants, I decided to do a little tour of the village in search of red, white and blue.

What impresses me is that the fire hydrants of Footscray encompass both home and clash strips!

Many houses are adorned with Footscray Footy Club paraphernalia, and when the Dogs are in the finals as they were recently the volume increases dramatically. Above are some of my favourites. From the subtle to the clever. The lower picture was found on Lara Cameron’s lovely blog http://kirinote.blogspot.com.au/2009/09/knitted.html

This is Doug Hawkins first of two appearances in this post, fitting given the connection he appeared to share with fans. He was one of them in a way. This is one small part on a wall outside Footscray City College, a large mosaic depiction of Footscray. Above Doug is some fantastic old advertising on the Rising Sun Hotel (now apartments…nearly), over the road from the Western Oval, while other street art around Footscray shows a great love for the dog. There’s even a Dancing Dog cafe!

We’ll skip momentarily out of Footscray, yet stay firmly in the west. The Braybrook Hotel proudly houses these fantastic statues of two Braybrook boys in EJ Whitten and Hawkins, arguably Footscray Football Clubs biggest personalities and two of the very best. Surely there’s no need for security with these two out the front night after night?Below is another wall mural, this one running along the Barkley Street side of St.Monica’s Primary School. The scoreboard reads Footscray 18.24.132 to Collingwood 11.10.76. If only that were the case more often than not! We also see that Footscray Primary’s uniform is red, white and blue, and back to the mosaic wall for another take on the Western Oval, along with a Bulldogs inspired playground.
‘Cafe Bulldog’ in the Footscray Mall unashamedly sports the clubs logo and colours, as does the trendier Gusto cafe in West Footscray, albeit with a somewhat artfully put together Bulldog to watch over patrons. (bottom right pic from the wonderful Footscray Food Blog-read here about the Whitten Oval’s Pound cafe!)

And lastly this bit of graffiti, pointed out to me by Vin Maskell of the fantastic scoreboard pressure blog, sums it all up for me. For no matter where you are, there’ll always be a Collingwood supporter showing a bit of cheek.

7 thoughts on “A Town painted Red, White & Blue

  1. Good morning John,
    Terrific work, as ever. There’s a house in Hyde St worth checking out, near the Yarraville tennis courts. ‘Has a Bulldogs windmill and, when the Doggies are in the September action, much, much more. Alas, not this year.

    (And thanks for the Scoreboard Pressure mention.)

  2. Nice work again John.
    And Vin, you beat me to it. The house on Hyde gets a full make over come the Dogs finals tilt.

    The St.Monica’s wall mural is almost worth a blog post itself… showing the development of Scray from tents through to the city it is now, as you drive in from the Melbourne. And they have also added a flag-based mural, possibly with all the flags of all the kids at school… not sure, but nice.

    When I used to live in Yarraville, most houses in our street also turned RW&B, with streamers and flags.

    Can anyone offer another community with such an attachment to their AFL club? I dont think so… I mean, club colours on the picnic tables!!!

    PS… you do know when youre in Richmond though… lots of shops with Black and Yellow signs.

  3. Its no doubt gone now but I remember a house in Footscray with a large sign in the window claiming “Nathan Brown is a traitor” after he moved to Richmond. I wonder if it was ever photographed?

  4. Thanks for your comments all, and thanks all for the heads up on the Hyde St house…check out the pic that Jonathan posted just above. Great stuff…fanatical to say the least! And footy maths….a look around Richmond is on the cards, you’re not wrong there.

    And how I wish Davo that I’d chanced upon the Nathan Brown is a traitor sign…found it hard to take to him when he came to Richmond because he was so blase about the $$…although the whole leg-break certainly changed my mindset.

    If anyone has any other pics I’d love to see them!

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