Happy Snap #16 VFL Car Park

This car used to be parked across the road from us and I passed it a million times. Then one day I thought….why not take a photo.

Not only is it a Nissan Pulsar from the late 80’s, this little sticker allowed entry into VFL Parks car park, either of two exits! What was missing was the ‘enter at risk of not getting out again before tomorrow’ slogan which we came to know so well.


3 thoughts on “Happy Snap #16 VFL Car Park

  1. Good find John, that sticker would be worth more than the car!

    I remember 2 weeks in a row in 1981 when Collingwood played Hawks & Dons the crowds were 90k & 78k. Both times we were stuck in there for around an hour & a half. One of those times my brother had to (carefully) pee into a can in the back seat.

    The worst part was there being a hundred blue coats when you got there but none when everyone was trying to leave at the same time. The exit point was a flying wedge of cars coming from 6 different lines. Absolute chaos!

  2. Thanks for those pics Vin! How bizarre! I want to knock on peoples doors and tell them “I sat in your living room and smashed my flag in two when the Tiges lost to Sydney by a point!” How weird. It still has that magical (to me as a little kid) below ground feeling as you enter. True to it’s late 60’s design….it has ‘levels.’

    And Jeff, describing the exit point as a ‘flying wedge of cars coming from 6 different lines’ is both humourous and accurate! And peeing into a can…that sound dangerous! It’s sharp around there!!

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