The Melbourne Jemons?

My friend and fellow football-devotee Gareth was listening to the West Coast v Melbourne match just a couple of weeks ago on the wireless, and couldn’t help but notice the immense number of players in red and blue whose name started with the letter ‘J’.

On closer inspection, he found that no less than eleven Melbourne players names began with the letter ‘J’ in the round 3 match, which may be some sort of record. I haven’t had the time to check as yet. Eleven, that’s 50% of the team.

They were as follows…

Jamie Bennell, James Frawley, Jack Grimes, Jeremy Howe, Joel Macdonald, James Magner, Jordie McKenzie, Jared Rivers, James Sellar, Jack Trengove, Jack Watts.

I’ve hear Gold Coast’s Karmichael Hunt referred to as ‘K’, but the Demons will need to be a little more creative with their nicknames. Perhaps that has been the problem these first few rounds.

‘J’ is for Jumper…Melbourne’s proposed 2012 guernsey


2 thoughts on “The Melbourne Jemons?

  1. How did we forget Jamie?? Anyway, maybe its time to have another look at Ben Cousins debut and the mysterious chain of events with the number 32. Im sure I’ll probably spend all morning now searching through all the old books looking for more statistical quirks.

    Blog is looking great – keep it up!

  2. Thanks G. Perhaps having a Jamie in the conversation distracted us? Would love to hear any other gems you’ve got….I seem to remember the Cousins number 32 ‘chain of events’…will explore! Ta

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