Video File #3 – Tigerland

As I slowly digitise my extensive VHS collection, I stumble across the odd gem or two. And this, I consider to be a gem. ‘Small Tales and True’ was a series broadcast on the Comedy Channel in 1998, featuring amongst others Robyn Butler, Bob Franklin, Stephen Curry and Roz Hammond.

Each episode focused on a different aspect of Australian life in a mock-documentary style. This particular episode, Tigerland, focussed on the behind the scenes politics of the Richmond Football Club cheersquad. The episode centres on a battle for position of chief ‘slogan-writer.’ As you can see in parts, my video cassette was on it’s last legs when copied, so apologies for a few wonky moments. Enjoy


4 thoughts on “Video File #3 – Tigerland

  1. In the words of the Banya (?) character in Seinfeld, “That’s gold, Jerry, that’s gold.”

    What a cast – and they’ve all kicked on since 1998. Bob Franklin’s thick Yorkshire accent is terrific, even if I couldn’t quite pick up every word.

    There was a book about footy banners quite a while ago, wasn’t there: A Run Through The Run Throughs, I think it was called. You’ve probably got a copy.

    Good stuff once again, John.

  2. If Tigers win flag, I’ll remember to shout someone a Fanta to make it special. Thought I recognised faces from official cheer squad of time in background. Maybe it wasn’t all fiction. Was in Yorkshire two months ago and Bob Franklin’s accent is “spot on”. (Davo)

  3. Hey Vin, big Seinfeld fan so got you loud and clear there! Just love Bob Franklin in this, he makes me laugh without fail whatever he does. And yes, I do have that book, and you’ve inspired me to make that my next book review!

    Davo-I believe that a can of fanta, while used in celebration in this instance, also caused the death of Diggers wife during the 1970 GF, another Collingwood loss!

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