Happy Snap #7

The coach pointing the finger of blame!

The year was 1987. This is what we simply called ‘footy clinic’, pre-dating both VicKick and Auskick. Yep…that’s me in the Richmond jumper, the only Tiger in my grade the whole way through primary school. Count the Hawthorn jumpers? 1, 2, 3. Oh, and there’s also a pair of Hawthorn socks.

Life at primary school was rather Hawthorn-centric, and this picture was taken before they won in 1988-89-91! Yes, it got much worse! Imagine what it was like showing up at school the Monday morning after Dunstall kicked 17 goals against my beloved Richmond? The horror.

Hawthorn has gradually turned these bandwagon jumping kids into long-standing fans and members, although it took some time. Thanks to my dad for sending me this photo!


2 thoughts on “Happy Snap #7

  1. It’s not a very happy snap is it? No one’s smiling. No one’s grinning. No one’s too happy at all. Have these youngsters just realised that footy’s not always fun and games? Have they just learnt that coaches can be somewhat serious? Or is it just too cold and wet? What fate befell these youngsters? Did the coach learn to lighten up? It’s not a happy snap but it’s a good pic.

    • Now that’s a very good point! Perhaps it’s the finger pointing from the coach that’s got everyone looking so tense! We certainly took our football very seriously!

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