Nice Statistic #9 The beauty of a rounded figure

Here’s a nice and even statistic to keep you going in the off-season, though not being quite the ‘blow your socks off affair’ of this little nugget! For round 21 of the 2012 AFL season, the 5 matches played in Victoria had the following crowd totals.

38,179  –  59,381  –  44,956  –  19,396  –  23,098

This gave us the beautifully round total of 185,000 on the dot, with an average crowd of 37,000 precisely! This is as rounded-off, neat and even as the Subiaco crowd figures which have been historically either a) guessed b) rounded to the nearest thousand or c) the actual number of people in attendance! I’ve always felt the answer lies somewhere between points a) and b). If you don’t know what I’m talking about, ask me. I’ll find some evidence!

Even Stevens to you all!


Nice Statistic #7 – Even stevens at Windy Hill #2!

In one of my first ever blog posts under my ‘nice statistic‘ section of this site, I looked at Essendon’s 2011 points for and against. Amazingly, after 22 games they had exactly the same score kicked against them as they kicked themselves- 2,217 for a percentage of exactly 100%.

Fast forward 12 months and what have the Bombers learned? Well, not much, but they can claim a small advancement. In fact a miniscule advancement. Season 2012 saw Essendon sore 2,091 points, conceding just 2090, a differential of just 1 point, their final percentage for the year coming to 100.05%.

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So Essendonians, don’t despair. Should this trend continue, the mighty Bombers will only have to wait 70-80 years to be in flag contention once more.

Thanks to Coodabeens talkback caller Stan from Stradbroke Island who alerted me to this fact! Click here for a free download of the Coodabeens weekly footy show, or tune into ABC 774 of a Saturday morning!