Shake your Booty #4 Carlton Song

So part 3 of this festival of sound sees us move in an alphabetical fashion to the ‘team that never lets you down,’ Carlton. Love them or hate them, it’s a pretty darn good song they possess. When the Bluebaggers have a win and their song blares as you leave the arena defeated, the ‘nah-na-na-na-nah’ essentially serves as a big raspberry blown in your direction. This version does not do it justice, with a poorly played guitar solo by yours truly. Please remember, the ‘theme-songs’ session took place in my brothers and my bedroom using cassette 4-track and took no longer than an hour. The quality is questionable, but that was kind of the idea!

Brother Pete’s series of football caricatures from the same period, the late 90’s, brings us to his Carlton supporter. I think he must have drawn his inspiration from famed Carlton fan, Barb. The Blues have many different type of fan….and this is just one aspect of their follow-ship! Please take no offence!