Dad and Mog Footy Pod Episode 1

My daughter Mogs and I have created a new footy podcast! A fun look at footy, this is our pre-season edition, but we’ll be coming to you weekly once the seasons starts proper. You can also follow us on

Twitter  @dadandmog   Instagram  @dadandmog   or like our facebook page



The Recovery Session podcast #9

Missed the footy? So have we. Episode 9 of The Recovery Session podcast is here, the first of 2012. The Tragic, Sheriff and Holy Boot are joined by Collingwood skipper Nick Maxwell, who stepped in for regular contributer The Iron Sock, who was otherwise engaged. Sit back and relax for an hour of football fun and merriment.

Get involved with the competitions and segments…we’re happy to give you a shout out and you may even win a prize! Follow us on twitter @TheRecoverySess or contact us by email