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Other than that, you can find me at the Punt Road end come Richmond home games!


10 thoughts on “Contact the Boot

  1. Hey John, I love your blog. I predate you by a couple years but you are a kindred football spirit. I too remember the old frostbitten days of the footy clinic (pre branding) when the drills got tedious and we started the ‘we wanna match’ chant. And the marvellous Test Match game – I too built my own towering grandstands made from lego.

    Now I work in sports marketing and write intermittently for Inside Sport. Here’s one you might like, pertaining to your love of the old suburban grounds when a home game really was a ‘home’ game…

    • Hey Jeff, thanks for your comments. Thrilled to find someone who also used lego to ‘hot up’ the old test match board game! Seems we certainly approach footy from similar angles…odd for a Richmond and a Collingwood fan!

      Loved ‘no place like home’ piece, I think it’s spot on. The EPL winning % at home intriguing! Geelong are financially better off at their ground than Docklands for their mid to smaller games-I wonder if Carlton, St.Kilda or Footscray ever rue their decisions to leave home?
      Had a quick look round your blog…will be getting stuck in soon, some really interesting topics.

  2. Hey John,

    really enjoy the website…especilly looking back at the old suburbn footy grounds.

    I noticed a comment under Arden Street that there are some great old photos of Arden Street in John Powers’ book The Coach. I have been searching high and low for the original copy of that book.

    Any ideas where I may find one? I am particularly interested in the photos (I actually have read the updated version, which is light on for photos).

    Cheers and keep up the good work!!

    • Hi Simon,
      Thanks for your comments. I’m really glad you enjoy the site.

      I had 2 copies of the Coach until recently when I gave one away! Found both of my copies in op-shops so this is probably your best go, a matter of luck I guess.

      You could also check Santo Caruso’s Sports bookshop in the city. He stocks a wide variety of footy books and at times has some old stuff floating around, or he may be able to point you in the proper direction.

      If I stumble across one, I’ll certainly pick it up for you.
      Cheers, John

  3. John, Been trying to email you but no luck. Thought you might like to know about:

    Footy Town In Williamstown:

    WEDNESDAY 29 MAY 7.30PM – 10.00PM

    Join Paul Daffey and John Harms as they discuss their latest book, Footy Town: Stories of Australia’s Game. Footy Town features stories and writers from across Australia, including the Willy CY’s own ‘Smoky’ Dawson and Vin Maskell, who will MC the evening.

    Venue: Williamstown CYMS clubrooms, Fearon Reserve, Esplanade Williamstown – enter via Garden Street or Osborne Street.

    Dress code: Wear a footy jumper if you wish, the older the better.

    Tickets: $10/$7 Drinks at bar prices

    If you like local footy you’ll love Footy Town.

    This is a Williamstown Literary Festival event.

    Also, Friday evening 31 May is the official launch of Footy Town, at the All Nations Hotel in Richmond. Guest speaker is former Hawk Tim Boyle. Starts at 6pm.

    • Thanks Vin, this looks fantastic, as does the book. Must get my hands on a copy. Will they be on sale next Wednesday? Wed is usually crazy but I’ve got a week to drum up some babysitting. Would love to be there.

      As for my email account, I’ll send you a new one. Hoping to rectify the old one but having some troubles. Gah!


  4. im liking your site having just found it. i think you should make a clear distinction between brisbane as the bears and those of the lions with regards to your tables as they are considered different enitities.

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