The Footy Almanac, 2013

The festive season is upon us, and whilst the organised among my loyal readers have finished buying or making presents, there are those of you like me, who are only just beginning to think about starting such a task. Well this may help, as it has helped me. If you happen to be wondering what to get for your footy-obsessed family member or friend as they suffer the withdrawals the off-season brings, look no further for the answer is here. The 2012 Footy Almanac.

So what just is the Footy Almanac I hear you ask. Great question. In essence it is a yearly summary of the AFL competition, with all match reports written by people like you and me, lovers of football. No routine newspaper style ‘match reports’ which merely appear to cut and paste the teams and players names from week to week, in the almanac each match has it’s own unique narrative. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and all that jazz. It’s a far deeper look at the game of Australian Football.


The great thing about the Almanac is that the match reports bring to life the dullest of fixtures in a way that Fox Footy’s obsession with off-season repetition cannot, because they focus not just on what happens on the ground, but also the historical implications, the pub talk, the walk to the ground, the characters in the outer. To me, it’s a more complete picture, lovingly put together by John Harms and Paul Daffey.

You can also become a member of the footy almanac website where you can share your football writing, or any other sport should you wish. Check it out, there’s some brilliant content on the site. If you’d like to order the Footy Almanac you can pick it up at good bookstores, probably some bad ones too, or you can purchase it off the almanac website.

Oh, and make sure you flick to the round 17 Richmond v North Melbourne match. Another glorious Richmond loss penned by yours truly.


2 thoughts on “The Footy Almanac, 2013

  1. The guest launcher was made for the Almanac. Troy Carrington, coach of the Bodgy Creek Roosters (comedian Damian Callinan), treated the audience as his team, and the occasion as half-time in a losing game. His inspirational address hilariously mixed Elizabethan verse (“is this a tagger I see before me?”) and “Iambic chatometer” with vintage footy vernacular. His team intended to traverse the Kokoda Trail in pre-season, but settled for the Dandenongs. Its altitude training took place in the You Yangs. He advised the team’s shearer to improve his tackling technique, his inappropriate “crutching” hold giving away unnecessary free kicks.

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