Home and Away Glog!

Just what is a glog? Great question. It’s kind of like an interactive way of displaying….oh heck, just have a look at one!

Home and Away Glog

Unfortunately it is ‘un-embedable’ at this point, so a screen shot will have to. Below you can see what I’ve done, it’s a map of the rail network in Melbourne (adding in the defunct train lines in MSPaint) with a little footy on all the stations of the traditional Melbourne league venues. Great. But once you’re in the gloggy thing, click on the footy and you get taken to my post on that particular ground.  

 I haven’t gotten around all of the grounds as yet, so if you click on a station/footy and nothing happens, then just sit tight, I’m getting through them. There’s a Moorabbin one brewing as we speak!

Once I’ve finished my series on the old VFL grounds, it’s then to the VFA and beyond!

May Glog bless you one and all


5 thoughts on “Home and Away Glog!

  1. Haha…that’s the FIRST thing that Pete said to me too! I nearly left Nunna station in…but they also ran buses from Glen Waverley station so I thought I’d leave it at that. Also plan to have a little pic of VFL Park….no where near Glen Waverley Station!

  2. Hi Holy Boot, I know its outside the scope of your Glog but for what its worth my folks (your grandparents) and I (and your uncle) more than once caught the train from Spencer Street to Geelong South station, very handy to Kardinia Park. (Dad)

    Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 12:31:10 +0000 To: davidandjoy01@hotmail.com

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