Happy Snap #15 Great Southern Stand

So here we have the Great Southern Stand, obviously under construction. The year is 1991, and things have changed dramatically at the ‘G from a year earlier. I can’t remember if this was the game against Sydney or St.Kilda as we sat in the same spot for both, but the focus here is clearly on the enormity of the impending structure, now looked down upon by the Ponsford, Olympic and MCC stands. And when looking at the ‘G in this 1991 state, I automatically think of the enigmatic Allan Jakovich.

And of course, who could forget Brett ‘Fruity’ Allison’s 1991 mark of the year as he stood atop Gavin Crosisca…and then kept going up! All in front of the new stand being built. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Jeff Dowsing!


3 thoughts on “Happy Snap #15 Great Southern Stand

  1. For some unknown reason I went to that Melbourne v North game and saw Jako’s scissor kick goal. I think he got about 8 that day, a phenomenal (wasted) talent. He used to play golf at Wattle Park where I worked and he got to know the boss. Sold him a set of clubs which he didn’t pay for and then he skipped off to Darwin. But he had the gift of the gab and no doubt got away with stuff wherever he went.

    When I think of the ‘G in that state I also think of Brett Allison’s mark over Gavin Crosisca.

  2. Was a fan of the old Southern Stand… the roar from the Richmond fans was amplified by the old roof that leaned over and hugged the top deck. You could hear that roar as it raced around the top deck from Punt Road to the Ponsford. When we were a force, it was awe inspiring.
    Was a sad time to see it coming down, as it was also a real “people’s stand”… no members areas, no corporate boxes, just great viewing for the masses.

    You dont get that now… any prime positions are locked away.

    In a way, the loss of the old Southern Stand reflected a change in Australia… no longer the sporting nation of “a fair go for all”, but more the sporting nation of “a fair go…if you have the money”.

  3. So he knicked off with the clubs?!? You’re right about being a wasted talent….but perhaps that’s why his legend lives on? I also think of Adrian McCadam that way. And of course, Brett Allison’s hanger. I’ll guess that you saw this one live too? I’ve added a clip of it above.

    And AFL Footy Maths….could not agree more re the old Southern Stand. It’s where I cut my football watching teeth and the atmosphere is completely unmatched today. I loved the dark and dingy nature of it, and it was oh so Richmond down the Punt Road end. And you’re spot on about it being the peoples stand….no glass in sight!

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