Let the Season Begin

I’ve heard many words used in the past two days to describe the excitement people feel for the impending football season, the most popular being that people are ‘pumped.’ While I too am ‘pumped-up’ for football to resume in Melbourne town this evening, I decided to I consult Garrie Hutchinson’s book ‘From the Outer’ and see if there were other words we could use to describe our enthusiasm. The following are not words from Garrie’s pen, yet he used them as a starting point for his book.

“The mellow glow of autumn is yet upon the scene, but lengthening shadows and fast deepening tints betoken winter’s near approach while the oval’s heavy thud is heard on many a grassy turf as leather once again rebounds from kindred hide, and the football season of this year of grace gives forth its stirring notes of warning.”

Peter Pindar, The Australiasion, 22 April, 1882.

Let the leathern sphere be ‘struck by foot’ in anger!


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