Jim Stynes – tribute

Just a quick word on Jim Stynes.

My only personal encounter with the late and great Jim Stynes was when he came to address my football team, the Western Storm, before our 2009 reclink grand final at the Junction Oval.  Recilnk is lucky to have many former players and coaches invest their time and energy back into a football league which is as grassroots as it gets. The late Allan Jeans, Stan Alves, Tom Hafey and Dougie Hawkins are just a few of the people who are involved. Yet the significance of Jim’s appearance was that it came just a month after he went public with his cancer diagnosis in 2009.

The words Jim spoke to us that day have come and gone, my recollection of events in the dank rooms below the Kevin Murray grandstand severely faded.  I am sure his message was along the lines of getting the best out of yourself and giving to the team cause. That was Jim. We know his ethos well.

What stays with me however was the fact that he was there. Here was Jim, in his hour of need, still giving to people. He could well have cancelled all engagements and we wouldn’t have thought any less of him. Yet Jim continued reaching out to people who needed a hand. There were no cameras or press there that day, Jim was here because he cared for people. It’s really quite simple.

So take the time to actively care for people. It’s a simple message to take from an amazing life with immeasurable attributes you could draw upon for inspiration. Yet mostly Jim operated out of care. Let’s take a leaf out of Jim’s book.

Jim Stynes, may you rest in peace.

Jim Stynes with the people.


1 thought on “Jim Stynes – tribute

  1. I’ve been a bit teary on and off all day after hearing that Jim lost his fight this morning. And fight he did, to stay as long as he could with his family, friends, footy club. Reading your well worded tribute, I’m so glad you are able to put into words what many of us feel. Thankyou. Keep writing, using your gift entwined with your passion.

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