Happy Snap #8

Can you spot the inaccuracies in this photograph?

My mother attended this 1975 Essendon v St.Kilda match at the old Windy Hill as an Essendon supporter, but also to watch her work colleague, Colin Carter, play for the Saints. She snapped a few photos from the outer side which I stumbled upon a few years back. With the magic of technology, I pieced them together. To the left you have 2 policeman looking on as the Essendon team runs onto the field, while on the right, play comes to a halt for a ball up. Just in case you were wondering.


2 thoughts on “Happy Snap #8

  1. Well put together Holy Boot. Had to magnify picture and study carefully before I realised this wasn’t evidence of time travel. (Sort of like Marty Mcfly watching himself being chased by Libyans in Back To The Future 2). Coming back to reality, I presume Bombers won?? (Davo)

  2. That’s very nifty, Holy Boot. Very Nifty Neville Fields indeed.I thought I spied the scoreboard in the background to the right but methinks the structure might be something else. Looking forward to your next Happy Snap.

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