Nice Statistic #3 David Cloke + 3 = interesting

Former Richmond and Collingwood footballer David Cloke’s career was dominated by the number 3. So grab a calculator, abacus, your fingers or toes…whatever, and prepare to be awestruck!

David began his career with Richmond in 1974 wearing the number 33 on his back, the same number he took with him to Collingwood some ten years later. When he returned to Richmond he wore number 16.

Clokes career spanned through 3 decades…70’s 80’s and 90’s, and also he played in 3 Grand Finals.

Cloke kicked 333 career goals, and in his final 3 games, he polled 3 Brownlow Medal votes in each match!

Cloke was also a member of the 300 game club….his 300th a memorable affair with a surprise Richmond victory over Carlton!

Dale Weightman and Big Clokey celebrate the power of 3!

He played for 18 seasons and was 36 when he retired, both numbers divisible by 3!

Famously, Cloke had 3 sons that played/play league football, each drafted under the father-son rule to Collingwood. They neatly wore or still wear the 3 numbers, 32 (Travis) 33 (Cameron) and 34 (Jason) that surrounded their own fathers number 33.

Now we get a bit nutty!

David Cloke gave away 33 free kicks in his first year (1974) and also in 1985. Son Jason gave away a career total of 33 free kicks in away matches only, while middle brother Cameron received a career total of 33 free kicks in home matches. Youngest son Travis is yet to join the 33 party, although as a left-footer amongst righties, he clearly doesn’t follow the status quo!

Some other 3’s that cropped up…David Cloke played 33 games against Fitzroy, something his sons will clearly never achieve.

Cloke also played just 3 games at Cararra, now Metricon Stadium.

Cloke senior kicked 3 goals in his last game for Richmond (1982 Grand Final) before moving to Collingwood, where in his first match he again booted 3 goals.

And finally, David Cloke’s final game for the Pies in 1989 saw him have 12 kicks, 6 marks, 6 handballs, for 18 disposals…and 9 hit outs. All stats are divisible by 3!

Interestingly, but not related to the number 3, David Cloke played in the 1990 Richmond v’s Carlton ‘Save our Skins’ legends match out at Windy Hill, only to come out of retirement and play on again in 1991!

Today’s post was brought to you by the number 3.

With a little help from my friends…

Nice Statistic #2 That’s a bit average!

The season 2010 saw a remarkable statistic crop up in Richmond’s attendance figures which, to this point, is yet to be publicly recognised. After round 3, Richmond’s attendances were as follows……giving the Tiges an average attendance figure of 42,594. Then the unthinkable happened. Richmond’s round 4 fixture against Melbourne at the MCG saw exactly 42,594 people attend, meaning that Richmond’s exact average crowd to that point in the season came through the gates. Now I would have been amazed had the figures been close, but to be spot on left me dumbfounded. I keep a season spreadsheet full of all sorts of bits and pieces, and I had to enter the data several times before I realised what was happening! Now that’s what I call a “nice statistic!”

Nice Statistic #1 – Even-Stevens at Essendon

Essendon ended the 2011 home and away season on exactly the same points for as points against, 2,217, giving them a percentage of exactly 100! And what is the magic formula that the AFL and most leagues use to determine “percentage?” It’s simply the points FOR divided by the points AGAINST, then multiplied by 100!

eg. Richmond Points for 112 Points against 84

112 / 84 = 1.333 1.333 x 100 = 133.33 %

Interestingly, the SANFL uses a different percentage system, where 100% is the pinnacle. The formula?

100 x For / (For + Against)

eg. Glenelg (keep it in the Tiger family) FOR-112 AGAINST 84

100 x 112 / (196) =57.14%

I personally like this system because if the aggregate score between the two teams is 196, then Glenelg’s score of 112 represents 57.14% of the total score. Click here for some further reading on