Happy Snap #6

Ok….so I’ve strayed slightly from football, but seeing as the Boxing Day test is currently playing out down at the MCG, and what with my love of grandstands and stadia, this photo seemed apt.

Yes, straight from 1994, it’s mine and my brothers Test Match game on steroids, with much thanks to our extensive collection of lego. Note the Richmond fan standing on the grassed area, and the red & green 3rd umpire lights adoring the ‘main stand’, as was the style at the time.

Click on the below thumbnails and see the oddly placed cameramen (a la Waverley Park cameras in the pocket) and the apparent car accident  in the car park!

Most of the grandstands have survived and are sitting around somewhere at mum and dads, but the test match game has long since disintegrated.

Thanks to mum for the pics!

Happy Snap #5

Down the Guts

I took this photo at the 2005 round 20 match between the Bullants and Werribee in the VFL. Both teams had good years, and eventually played off against one another in that years preliminary final. With top 4 positions still up for grabs, this match seemed a forgone conclusion as I took this picture, with the final term about to begin and the home side, “Preston”, a good 40+ points to the good. Yet Werribee rallied, and stellar quarters from J-Pod (no.18, far left, now with Geelong) and Patrick Bowden saw the Bees pull off one of the more remarkable wins of recent time in the VFA/VFL.

Happy Snap #4

This is my little brother Pete’s 6th birthday cake, lovingly made by mum. Yes, we’re a multi-generational Richmond family, yet somehow he became a Footscray fan. And it stuck!

As my dad has been heard to say, “Surely this is the worlds only Tony Liberatore cake!” 

Boot Happy Snap #2

A photo of North Melbourne’s Arden St grandstand I took in 2005. Very similar grandstands also stood at Carlton’s Princes Park, (Heatley Stand) and at Coburg City Oval (still standing…kind of!) This old stand has since been demolished, however many of its bricks were used in building Arden St.’s new facilities.