Video #4 150 Goals

Here’s a gem of a video I found in an opportunity shop…it’s titled ‘150 goals’. A short film by Michael Nicholson (1985) sees Fitzroy and Collingwood do battle as never before-; in and around the streets of Melbourne. It’s footy meets Monty Python as play takes us to Flinders St, the old Planetarium and Parliament house, players ducking and weaving trains and trams.

One passage of play even enters a time warp and takes place in the early 1900’s, while a skyscraping mark is taken atop….a skyscraper! (Rialto towers under construction) Watch for the special cameo by Cliff Young. For Melbourne and footy lovers…can the two be separated?


Michael Nicholson’s recollections


5 thoughts on “Video #4 150 Goals

  1. John, it’s pretty hard to find the words to describe that long lost gem! I’m tipping it was made for Victoria’s 150 year anniversary. Truly bizarre outcome of mind altering drugs!

  2. Thanks for that insight Jeff…would explain the somewhat misleading title somewhat. Indeed bizarre, and equally lost for words.

  3. Jeff, you were spot on re the Victoria’s 150 year anniversary celebrations link. Give yourself a pat on the back! I’ve added a link beneath the video which my dad found. It’s an exerpt of filmaker Michael Nicholoson explaining the whole film.

  4. Wow John, what a great pick up! Great to see Cliffy’s cameo (i’m originally from down that way). Also Geoff Paine who around that time was in ‘Neighbours’ and in recent years has been in ‘Spontaneous Broadway’ with Julia Zemiro etc.

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